With support of the National Science Foundation, the DMME will provide a relaxed and informal environment where URM and female students have dedicated mentoring and networking opportunities with engaged faculty leaders.

The goal is to rotate participants through two matches where mentors/mentees can discuss important but often overlooked topics including work life balance, time management and research productivity, successful negotiation skills, landing a faculty position, obtaining extramural funding, relationship with your advisor, conscious/unconscious bias, progressing towards tenure, and balancing work with kids.

Every effort will be made to match mentors/mentees based on their interest level in discussing specific topics. This event, targeted at women, persons from URM groups, and persons with disabilities, connects students, post-docs, junior faculty, and senior faculty in one-on-one or one-on-two mentoring sessions. Student and post-doc mentees have two meetings with different faculty members, and junior faculty attendees have one session as mentor (for a student/post-doc) and one as mentee (with a senior faculty member).

Details and registration for the DMME will be provided in the near future.