It is our pleasure to announce the inaugural SB3C Pre-Conference Workshop on Biomechanical Simulation Software. This pre-conference workshop provides individuals with an opportunity to receive hands-on training in open-source software for the entire day before the 2020 SB3C Meeting. This event will occur on June 16th 2020 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm at a location in close proximity to the SB3C venue (Vail Marriott Mountain Resort).

Unlike the 90 minute workshops that have been held during the SB3C meeting in prior years, this workshop will provide trainees with a focused and smaller group setting to work through demonstrative examples and work directly with software developers to address specific software questions. Attendees should expect to leave this event with a detailed understanding of the software simulation environment as well as the ability to perform end-to-end simulations using the software.  Coffee, snack, and a lunch will be provided during the event.

There are three software workshops to choose from. Each registered attendee can attend a single day-long training session for one of the three open-source biomechanical engineering simulation workshops:

CRIMSON, the CardiovasculaR Modelling and SimulatiON Environment, is a complete software pipeline for segmenting blood vessels from medical imaging data, generating meshes, designing and specifying boundary conditions and material properties, and performing finite element simulation of blood flow on thousands of CPU cores.

Upon completing the workshop, attendees will be fully trained in image-derived patient-specific simulations of arterial blood flow. Because of CRIMSON’s focus on presenting cutting-edge modeling and simulation features via a modern and intuitive user interface, complete novices can learn to perform their first segmentation and simulation in less than half a day. The workshop will cover these introductory topics as well as teach advanced features of CRIMSON, such as custom boundary condition design tools, patient-specific cardiac performance modeling, and transitional physiology and cardiovascular control scripting.

Attendees are required to bring their own laptops and download the latest version of CRIMSON from

The FEBio workshop will offer beginning and intermediate users of FEBio a full-day course on how to setup FEBio models, run, and analyze them. All demos will be given using FEBioStudio, the new, fully integrated software environment for FEBio.

The workshop will be divided in several focused, hands-on sessions, with topics including importing geometry, creating surface and volume meshing, doing solid mechanics and biphasic analyses, handling material anisotropy, setting up contact models, performing parameter optimizations, and more. Participants will also learn proven techniques for debugging their models, avoiding common pitfalls, and improving runtime performance. There will also be opportunities for discussing specific modeling challenges with the FEBio developers, so participants are encouraged to bring their own models and questions to the workshop.

All workshop participants should bring their laptop and download the latest version of FEBioStudio from prior to the start of the workshop.

The SimVascular (SV) workshop will be for both beginning and advanced users of SV.  SV is the only fully open-source package with a complete pipeline to go from medical-imaging data to blood flow simulation results.

Beginners will be led through introductory exercises to demonstrate the SV pipeline of creating patient-specific image-based anatomic models, mesh generation, physiologic boundary condition specification, and realistic blood flow simulation inside of the integrated SV environment. Active users will be performing exercises to learn about advanced SV features including the python interface, error-based mesh adaption, closed loop boundary condition specification, and large deformation solid-fluid interaction blood flow simulation.

SV users are encouraged to bring their own image data and models to ask for community and expertise advice during organized breakout sessions led by the SV development team. All users will be expected to install the latest version of SV before the workshop (available from

There is a $165 registration fee for this event that is separate from the SB3C registration fee. This fee is being collected to cover the expenses of the meeting (venue, A/V, coffee, food) and will not be used to financially benefit any of the participating open-source software organizations.

Pre-Registration Process

Registration for this event will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The total number of attendees in each workshop will be limited to ensure the purpose of the meeting is fulfilled (hands-on training with individualized support).

Please fill out the form below to be considered for one of the pre-conference workshops. NOTE: Filling out this form is a commitment that you will, if selected, provide payment and attend the event. Instructions for registration and payment for this event will be provided at a later date. All Pre-Conference Workshop participants will be required to register for the main SB3C Conference.