We are excited to announce the continuation of the ASME-BED/SB3C Student Paper Competition at the PhD-, MS-, and BS-levels. This competition has become a SB3C tradition, a “conference within the conference”, and one of the yearly highlights for our community.

Competition Format

The ASME-BED/SB3C2022 Student Paper Competition (referred henceforth as SPC) is divided into three educational levels (BS-, MS-, PhD-levels) and accepts abstracts from all technical areas of the ASME-Bioengineering Division, i.e. Biotransport; Design, Dynamics, & Rehabilitation; Education; Fluid Mechanics; Education; Tissue & Cellular Engineering; and Solid Mechanics.

Presentations for the BS- and MS-levels will follow the poster presentation formats of the conference (virtual or in person), and presentations for the PhD-level will be podium talks (in-person only).

Submission deadlines: The ASME-BED/SB3C Student Paper Competition has separate abstract deadlines than the regular abstract deadline. Specifically, the deadlines for abstract submission are:

  • PhD-level: January 14, 2022.
  • MS-level: January 21, 2022 (general submission deadline).
  • BS-level: February 18, 2022.

Selection criteria: The authors of the top-scoring 36 abstracts for the PhD-level will be invited to speak as SPC finalists in one of our 6 podium sessions dedicated specifically for the SPC. Similarly, the authors of the top scored abstracts at the MS- and BS-levels will be accepted as SPC finalists for poster presentations in their respective competitions. To ensure fairness and to foster diversity of research topics, abstracts will be ranked based on their review scores independently of technical area. All SPC abstracts not selected as finalists will be considered for the general program of the SB3C as either a podium or poster presentation in a session separate from the SPC.

SPC presentations: At the 2022 SB3C meeting, teams of anonymous judges will evaluate SPC finalist’s performances delivering their presentation. Final scores in the competition are based on both the score of the original abstract and on the judges scores of each student’s presentations at the conference (either virtually or in-person). Winner and runner-up awardees for each SPC group will be announced at the conference banquet. Cash prizes and certificates for participants will be sent after the conference.

New for 2022: Taking into consideration the overwhelming success of the ASME-BED/SB3C Student Paper Competition in its virtual format over the last two years and the hybrid nature of the 2022 SB3C meeting, we are pleased to announce that we will be considering submissions for virtual poster presentations at the BS- and MS-levels (in addition to in-person poster presentations).

The eligibility criteria and rules are as follows:

  1. Eligible PhD-level students include those pursuing an MD, PhD, or an equivalent terminal degree. Students who have graduated in academic year 2021-22 with the corresponding degree are eligible to participate (i.e. Fall 2021, but not Summer 2021).
  2. First place winners of BS-, MS-, and PhD-level competitions in previous SB3C meetings are not eligible to participate for the same competition level, i.e. a former PhD-level 1st place winner cannot enter the PhD-competition again.
  3. The student must be listed as both the first and presenting author (Author 1). As such, the abstract content must be composed by work primarily completed by student. Shared first co-authorship is not acceptable.
  4. At least one co-author, generally the student’s research advisor, must be included in the author list. The advisor must also consent to the submission of the abstract for the competition and the student’s participation in the competition.
  5. Only one entry per student (as Author 1) will be considered for the SPC. The same work cannot be submitted for consideration in any other session at the SB3C. It is possible for a student to be listed as a co-author on a separate submission. Further, if they are listed on an additional submission as secondary author, both abstracts must be clearly distinct.
  6. Only the student listed as Author 1 is eligible to present at the meeting as SPC finalist. It is required that a submission to the SPC is in the spirit that, if accepted, the advisor, the research institution, and/or the student will make every effort to encourage and support the student’s attendance at the conference.
  7. Important: PhD-level SPC are in-person podium presentations; whereas BS- and MS-level posters are in-person or virtual. In the rare event where the SPC finalist is unable to participate, another author should present the work; however, that paper will not be considered for the competition.
  8. The research project must have been conducted while the student was enrolled at the competition level (i.e. BS-, MS-, or PhD-levels). However, the content presented must include only work that was completed prior to graduation for the prescribed competition.
  9. The work must be original (not previously published as a peer-review publication) prior to the submission deadline. A correspondence higher than 50% with a previously published paper will warrant disqualification (e.g. methods may be similar to previous work, but the results must be original and unpublished).
  10. Students eligible to compete in the SPC at all levels are required to complete an attestation confirming that: (a) the majority of the work was completed by the eligible student, who is also the first and presenting authors; (b) the eligible student conducted the work as a student at the corresponding competition level; and (c) that the eligible student will (during the SPC) answer questions about their work without assistance from others, including their advisor(s) or peers. Abstracts submitted without this attestation may be withdrawn from the competition. Attestations must be submitted through this google form. Attestations for the BS- and MS- competitions require PI confirmation with the attachment of an uploaded pdf signed by PI. Click here to download the Attestation form.
  11. The abstract template must be strictly followed. Not complying with the abstract formatting guidelines may result in disqualification from the competition. For example, you cannot change font size, margins, or the starting location of the text on the first page.

Questions about the ASME-BED/SB3C Student Paper Competition eligibility criteria may be submitted to the SPC Committee Chair, Joao S. Soares, PhD.

Submit Student and/or PI SPC Attestation
Download the PI Attestation Template (BS and MS Students Only)